a year to nourish

It took a whole year of slow to realize I was malnourished. There were times when I got myself quiet enough to hear Him speaking to my rushing heart:

This. This is what you are missing when you rush: how a hurting heart is masked by outward appearance, starlight at bedtime, laughing together, learning something new, really listening to a friend, the joy of slow cooking, breeze ruffling a curtain, lingering at the table to soak up more of them, a body, heart and mind filled with My Peace
I wrote His slow lessons on my heart and let them work their way into my habits and my thinking. Not that I did it perfectly, not even close; I will be learning slow for the rest of my life. I even considered making slow my word again for 2014 because I still have so much to learn. But slowing opened my eyes to areas of my life in desperate need of nourishing, places He wants me to bring to Him for healing, restoration and growth.
These long, cold winter months will be so good for digging into all the lessons and gifts I know nourish will bring.
My heart overflows and so I count His gifts to me . . .

2138. a body that is not beyond hope
2139. friends to journey with (we are doing the Daniel Plan)
2140. food that tastes good and nourishes me
2141. new year, new mercies, new hope
2142. adopting a dog has filled our home with happiness
2143. our spotted dog that gets us out and walking twice a day
2144. starry winter night sky
2145. long dog walks = long conversations with my kids
2146. a new art journal, ready to be filled
2147. choosing what is best
2148. pink-streaked sunrises
2149. all of us together for long winter evenings
2150. knowing He wants to nourish me
2151. time to explore this class from one of my favorite teachers
2152. how all the slow lessons lead me to here



  1. This is beautiful. Taking time to slow down, to be nourished, to truly see the beauty all around you. Blessings!

  2. Nourish ~ what a beautiful word for the year! These photos are so refreshing (and nourishing:) to see, especially now.